Stratus Vision 1000 Flight Data Recorder

$9,950.00 $9,899.00

Vision 1000 Flight Data Recorder

Vision 1000 is a low-cost flight data recording solution that can be utilized on any aircraft or rotorcraft. Requiring only aircraft power and ground, the Vision 1000 is ideally suited to capture information from both new and legacy aircraft fleets.


  • Attitude data (pitch, roll, yaw, etc.)
  • WAAS GPS (latitude, longitude, ground speed, vertical speed, GPS altitude, etc.)
  • Cockpit imaging
  • Ambient audio
  • Intercom system audio for crew and ATC communications (optional)

DATA RETRIEVAL: The Vision 1000 records all flight data, imaging and audio to an internal crash hardened memory as well as onto a removable SD card so it can easily be retrieved and utilized.

ANALYSIS SOFTWARE: Flight data captured by the Vision 1000 can be used in our ALERTS software for a turn-key Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) program. For more information on ALERTS, please see your territory sales rep.

MSRP: $9,950